For Textile Finishing, Khadi Printing Base Product for Adhesive
Manufacture, Aluminum foil to Paper, Construction

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE N-50 is Milky white dispersion
CHEMICAL NATURE It is a homo-polymer of Vinyl Acetate with Stabiliser and Surfactants.
pH VALUE of Water 4.5 - 5.5
ACID VALUE 1-3 mgm of KOH/gram of substance
COLLOIDS / STABILISER Polyvinyl alcohol solution
PARTICLE SIZE 0.5 - 2.5 micron
Viscosity by Brookfield RVT Model Sp.No.4/5, at 10 rpm at 30ºC 500 - 1000 poises
DRYING RATE Moderately fast

COMPATIBILITY : Shreevyl N-50 is compatible with Polyvinyl alcohol, Starch, Dextrin, Calcium carbonate, in solution form. It is compatible with plastisers like DBP, DOP, DMP, DEP, to some extent solvents like methanol, ethanol can be added.
N-50 is easily compatible with surfactants, dyes, pigments etc. for textile finishing.


1) Textile Finishing.
N-50 is blended with shreevyl MB & other additives to get soft or hard finish, ofteners atalpts, UF or MF are usually added.
2) Adhesive.
N-50 mixed with plasticisers, polyvinyl alcohol and other additives to make general Purpose adhesives, furniture adhesive etc.
3) Aluminum Foils / Paper.
Generally animal glue solution is mixed with N-50 to get better water resistance and to prevent corrosion of aluminium foils.
4) Construction Industry.
N-50 is an excellent Bonding Agent. It can be easily mixed with sand, lime, cement etc.
N-50, in addition to imparting excellent bond, minimizes cracks & corrosion.


1) For Textile finishing & Khadi printing.
2) As base for general-purpose adhesives.
3) Aluminium foil/ paper laminations.
4) Construction Industry.

PACKING 200kg, 50kg

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