PHYSICAL APPEARANCE SS-545 is a crystal clear solution of medium, free flowing Viscosity without any type of visible particles.
CHEMICAL NATURE It is a polymer of more than five very active acrylic monomers in solvent phase by strict control of the rate of reaction between the very active monomers by means of controls in the hands of highly experienced technologists.
NON - VOLATILES 50 + - 1%
pH VALUE of Water product : 4 - 6 boiled in water 1 : 1 by weight and the filtered water is cooled and pH is observe
Free monomer after : Below 0.5% neutralizing acidity of solvent and other constituents
Film on glass Very clear without any particles/coagulum
Tack on film Excellent
Adhesion Value at 30 gsm Excellent average 2800-3200gms/ inch (glass - PET)
Dry coating on PET , 30 microns
Adhesion value at 30 gsm after 7 days at 30oC Drop in adhesion value is less than 10% of its (After 7 days
at 70ºC) initial value.
Flow of product when freely poured Very free flowing (no gells or lumps)
Viscosity by Brookfield RVT Model
Sp.No.4/5, at 10 rpm at 30ºC
40 - 60 poises

"Shreecral SS-545 is compatible with solvents like ethyl acetate, isopropyl acetate, butyl acetate, toluene, Xylene, to some extent with ketones like acetone, MEK, MIBK.
"SS-545 can be plasticised (low%) with DBP for the manufacture of mosquito, cockroach masks. Oil / Solvent soluble colours can be blended for coloured tapes / stickers. Noncompatible with alcohols, water, pigments.
"SS-545 is compatible with Polyterpene or Hydrocarbon tackifiers (Softening point 110 - 115ºC) at 1 - 2% by weight dissolved in toluene (50:50 by weight)

For continuous applications like roll / roll sticker manufacture, Rigid PVC precoating for later application to plywood for CTV cabinets, the Product is applied by roller. For small jobs, the thinned resin can be applied by brush too. But the brushes must be cleaned immediately after use.Spray application is also adopted at lower consternation.

For high peel applications like Rigid PVC/ GI sheets for housing & Industrial applications.



1) For the manufacture of tapes like BOPP/PVC/PET/CELLOPHANE/PAPER/FOAM where permanent tack and high peel strength are essential.

2) The latest fashion of manufacture of colour cabinet is Rigid PVC precoated by silicone release paper; here the PVC is coated on roller assembly with 30-35 gsm of resin on dry basis.

3) SS-545 is non-toxic after the film is dry. Hence it is being used for making PVC based Band Aids. Similarly due to non-toxicity and very negligible free monomer content. SS-545 is safe for use in sanitary napkins/personal products.

4) SS-545 when mixed with primary /secondary/cyclic amines in the ratio 100pbw of SS-545, 0.005-0.05pbw of these amines gives a thermo setting composition for permanent bonding of plastic to plastic, plastic to any hard surface.

5) Industrial applications where peel strength requirements is 3-3.5kg/inch. Rigid PVC/GI or steel.

6) Precoated foam (All Types) for insulation (Air conditing, fridge, cars, SUV, Jeep -Top Insulation).


1. Do not mix any other inferior product available in the market under disguise of any acrylic copolymer in solution form. As the copolymerisation reaction is very sensitive, narrow range of molecular weight distribution is obtainable only under stringent controls by highly skilled technologists.

2. Check the peel strength for every lot/batch before and after exposure on high temperature (70 - 80ºC). Check the supply for any micro-gells, which can cause non-uniform application and later non-uniform tack.

3. Do not keep the product under abnormal conditions of storage, like temperatures above 40ºC to avoid solvent loss and viscosity pick up due to solvent loss or cross linking.

4. When mixed with amines, the pot life of mixture is 8 - 12 hours only. So mix only requisite quantities.

5. Do not keep the drum/carboys filled with SS-545 open near heat or flame. SS-545 is highly flammable due to ethyl acetate.

6. As it is a solvent based system, shelf life is not warranted above 6 months. Hence, no complaints what so ever will be entertained after 6 months from the date of delivery.

Advantages of SHREECRAL-SS-545

1. Being manufactured under the personal supervision of highly qualified and experienced persons, the product has excellent consistency regarding viscosity, strength, clarity, molecular weight distribution and flow properties.

2. Due to uniform copolymerisation, the shelf life is longer compared to a product-polymerized hapzardly just to get viscosity.

3.The product has better shelf life.

PACKING SIZE : 200 Kgs, 100 Kgs, 50 Kgs and 5 Kgs

Note: The above data, suggestions and recommendations are given in good faith without any warantee whatsoever.

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