Low tack, medium adhesion value solution polymer for coating
Films for surface protection - steel, acrylic sheets, glass etc.

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE SS-565 is a very clear solvent based acrylic resin of medium viscosity, free flowing product without any type of visible particles, Film is Tack Free & thermoplastic.
CHEMICAL NATURE It is a polymer of more than four very active acrylic monomers in solvent phase by strict control of the rate of reaction between the very active monomers by means of controls in the hands of highly experienced technologists.
pH VALUE of Water
(Method : Take 1:1 by weight, the product And distilled water in a conical flask, stir well & then in a hot water bath, heat the mixture to 80- 85 for 5 10 minutes & cool it down. At room temperature, decant the clear water into a beaker and check the pH value.)
3 - 5
Free monomer Below 0.5%
(After neutralising acidity of solvent & other constituents)
Film on glass Very clear without any particles/coagulum
Tack on film (Rolling Ball Method at 450angle) Excellent
Drying Rate Fast Drying
Surface Tack NIL
Flow of product when freely poured Very free flow (no gels or lumps) when poured.
Viscosity by Brookfield RVT Model Sp.No.4/5, at 20 rpm at 30oC 15 – 40 poises.
Resistance to water :
a. 30 gsm film on 30 micron polyster cured at 88oC for 8 -9 minutes.Next day dip it in water for 48 hours.
b. Film coated on glass, 30 gsm, cured at 88oC for 8 -9 minutes. Next day poured water on part of the film for 48 hours.
a. No colour change / whitening
b. No colour change / whitening, No loss of strength, No Surface Tack.

Shreecral SS-565 is compatible with solvents like ethyl acetate, isopropyl acetate, butyl acetate, toluene, Xylene.
SS-565 is compatible with Polyterpene or Hydrocarbon tackifiers (Softening point 110 - 115oC) at 1 - 2% by weight dissolved in toluene (50:50 by weight)
The dried film is resistant to transformer oil, water.


1. Fixing films, rigid PVC, flexible PVC, Polyester, Poly to wood/board/Veneer, steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, plastic to plastic etc. (on the spot application)

2. Foam of any type to be fixed to Metal, wood, board, glass, sun mica, marble etc. (spray / Brush). It works very well to fix foam on curved surfaces (pipes, furniture edges etc.)

3. For any purpose where No surface tack, water resistance is required.

4. Paper / Paper bonding. Bond unaffected by water & heat. A film is thermoplastic.

5. SS-565 is excellent media for Varnishes / inks & durable oil paints.

56 SS-565 film is heat sensitive. It is used to bonder paper/paperfabric by subjecting to heat (above 150-170C)


1. Roller coating on substrate directly to be nipped with other substrate in wet condition & then to be nipped under pressure roller.

2. By Brush / Spray Dilute the product from 50% to 33% by adding solvent (Ethyl Acetate / Toluene) & mixing well to homogenize. Then either brush uniformly on required side of one or both substrates to be joined & bond as soon as possible (in wet condition) Keep the joint under pressure for 12 24 hours. The product is fast drying. To delay drying, Toluene can be used


1. Being manufactured under the personal supervision of highly qualified & experienced persons, the product has excellent consistency regarding viscosity, strength, clarity, and molecular weight distribution and flow properties.

2. Due to uniform copolymerisation, the shelf life is longer compared to a product-polymerized haphazardly just to get viscosity.

3. The product has better shelf life.
4. The maximum shelf life is within 12 months from the date of manufacture (Month & Year of manufacture is included in the batch no. displayed on the barrels / containers), if barrels kept closed & stored at 28-30C under roof, away from heat & fire.

STORAGE OF SHREECRYL SS-565 (affected by high temperatures during storage)

As the product contains 50% or more Ethyl Acetate (Volatile Solvent with B.P. 77.1C),the following precautions during storage are very necessary :

1) Keep the drums / carboys in air circulating rooms / storage facility with good ventilation & not under sun.
2) Away from heat & fire.
3) Store below 30C. It is advisable to store 25C or below to enhance shelf life.
4) If unused for 10-15 days, open top lids & allow solvent vapour to escape. Add 2-3 kgs of Ethyl Acetate & roll the barrels and then store them.
5) At temperatures above 30-35C solvent evaporates & the product may thicken. To avoid gelling follow steps 1-4 above.


1. Check the supply for any micro-gels, which can cause non-uniform application tack.

2. Do not keep the drum/carboys filled with SS-565 open near heat or flame. SS-565 is highly flammable due to Ethyl Acetate.

3. As it is a solvent based system, shelf life is not warranted above 12 months. Hence, no complaints what so ever will not be entertained after 12 months from the date of manufacture.

PACKING SIZE : 200 Kgs., 50 Kgs. and 5 Kgs.

Note: The above data suggestions and recommendations are made in good faith but without any warrantee whatsoever.

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